Atlanta Roofing-What Type Of Roof Should I Install?

Atlanta Roofing-What Type Of Roof Should I Install?

You have a number of choices as to the type of roof you want on your house as per the Atlanta roofing experts. The options include composite shingles made from asphalt or fiberglass, a shake or wooden shingle, clay tile, slate or concrete tiles and metal.

More and more home owners are opting for the durability of metal roofs. But the concept is hardly new. During the 1700’s, copper, lead and zinc were used quite often. Thomas Jefferson put a metal roof on his home in Monticello. Why metal? It is water resistant and weather sturdy. They are also fire-retardant and virtually maintenance free. And, since metal reflects sunlight, less heat seeps into the attic. That makes them energy efficient as well.

According to some Atlanta roofing experts a study in Florida proved that installing metal roofs can cut your energy bills by 20%.

Today, standing-seam steel is the most common type of metal roofing used by Atlanta roofing contractors. That gives it a stream-lined, historical look. However, metal can be made to resemble clay tiles, shake or composite shingles as well. The roofing materials come in a variety of colors and sheens. You don’t have to have a roof that looks like stretched-out aluminum foil.

Another favorite choice of Atlanta roofing experts is clay tiles, especially on Mediterranean or Spanish styled homes. The good thing about tile is it is not tasty to bugs. It doesn’t rot, so it is a durable material. Though most people choose a russet shade, it does come in a variety of styles and colors. The downside to clay tiles is three fold. First they can last longer than the decking underneath them. Secondly, they can easily break if walked upon. That makes inspecting them for damage a bit tricky. Third, they weigh quite a bit, so extra supporting is usually required.

Slate also comes in a variety of color variations. Even though it is not favored by Atlanta roofing contractors, it is virtually bug and rot resistant. It is a rock that must be quarried, so it can be quite expensive. It is very fire retardant, but can be extremely heavy. Extra support must be added.

Concrete is no longer just for foundations and sidewalks. More and more people are putting it on their roofs. But with a slight twist. The concrete is made up of flexible fibers mixed with cement and can be molded to look like tiles or shingles. Why concrete? It is as durable as slate, but a lot less expensive and lighter in weight. Years ago when concrete tiles first started being installed, there were problems. The tiles curled. Now, most concrete products are better made. However, they are still more expensive that regular shingles. On the other hand, their life expectancy is longer.

Wooden shingles or shakes add a classic cottage look. If you want a unique roof, this is your choice. No two shakes are alike. Wooden shingles help the attic breathe and circulate air in and throughout small slats between the felt under layers. They are, however, not as durable and require more maintenance. In order to meet fire codes, they are sprayed with a retardant, but that lasts just a few years. It may be well worth the expense to find cedar shakes that have been pressure- treated with fire retardant during their manufacturing. Before you select an Atlanta roofing contractor for this type roof, make sure they are familiar with the special requirements for installing wood shingles.

By far the most common material used by Atlanta roofing contractors, especially on tract homes, is composite shingles.

They come in a variety of shades from grays to browns, even reds. Newer ones are made from recycled fiberglass instead of asphalt. Easy to install, they are secured with staples and roofing cement. However, they are one of the least durable. They can come off in high winds, or curl and tear.

A lot depends on your budget, the architectural style of your house and the durability factor. Take a drive through your neighborhoods in Atlanta and see what other people are using on their roofs.

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