Atlanta Roofing-What Is The Best Way To Detect Roof Leaks And How To Find The Source?

Atlanta Roofing-What is the best way to detect roof leaks and how to find the source?

This is a common question because often times the telltale signs of a leak can be several feet away from the source of the problem. Still, learning how to seek out the source of the leak may not be, pardon the pun, over your head.

Atlanta roofing experts have some good advice about detecting roof leaks and their source.

The best time to do a routine inspection is in the early spring and early fall months. In fact, you may wish to put it on your calendar to check your roof twice a year. Doing routine checks can catch leaks early, and save you a ton of cash in repairs.

Atlanta roofing experts advise the first place to start detecting roof leaks is on the inside of your home. Look for marks of water damage on walls and ceilings. Browned splotches or discoloring are the most common, though the presence of mold certainly is another. Sags or bubbles in the ceiling are another sign of trouble. Again, sweating or a slight dampness may indicate the problem is just beginning. Even if you do not find any signs, go on to the next step.

Start by inspecting the roof on the inside from your attic. Do this during a bright, sunny day, (but early before it gets too sweltering) so if there are any places where light can shine through, you can see them better – that is unless you have wooden shingles which naturally let some light though.

Now, get a sprinkler and water your roof. Sure your neighbors may talk, but once you explain, you may see several sprinklers on the roofs in your town! Watch as the water from the sprinkler goes to work and see if you can detect in dribbles in the attic.

Here is a tip from some Atlanta roofing experts:

Take into account the pitch of the roof. Most leaks occur above where the water is dripping through.

The third step is to examine the exterior. If you are squeamish about heights or do not have access to a good, sturdy extension ladder, a pair of binoculars can work just fine. By all means, if you do want to walk your roof, let it dry. Walking on wet shingles is bad for the roof and potentially hazardous for you. It is probably best to consult with an Atlanta roofing expert if you have any doubts.

Another recommendation from Atlanta roofing experts is to closely examine the flashings around chimneys. That is a notorious source for leakage. Check around skylights and solar panels, then vents, turbines and pipes. Look near satellite dishes and antennas. Make sure shingles are not curled, buckled or torn.

Watch for a piling up of debris, like wet leaves, twigs, etc. Check the gutters to make sure they are clear and not backwashing. Notice if there are any extra dirty patches where debris may once have been sitting. Water can pool in debris and slowly drain through.

Finally look for any holes or damage that has been done by animals seeking shelter from the winter cold or from spring storms. A dry attic is quite tempting to furry creatures that like to nest. And, of course, check for bug infestations, termite rot in the eaves, etc.

If you see anything suspicious, call a professional Atlanta roofing contractor to come survey it with a trained eye. It will be well worth the money to catch a new leak before is causes thousands of dollars in damage.

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