Atlanta Roofing-Should I Have My Old Roof Removed Before The New One Is Installed?

Atlanta Roofing-Should I Have My Old Roof Removed Before The New One Is Installed?

It is certainly cheaper and less time consuming to place the new roof shingles on top of the old ones. Atlanta roofing contractors do it all the time.

But, here is the problem. Your roof may already have several layers of shingles under it. That may be why this time they didn’t last as long as you might expect. Atlanta roofing experts state that each time you add shingles on top of shingles you reduce the roof’s life expectancy by at least 20%. If your roof already has the “layered look” so to speak, you need to rip them out and replace them all.

Older shingles may be heavier than the more modern ones. If you put the new, lighter weight shingles over the older ones, it may be like putting a thin sheet over a quilted bedspread. You’ll see all the ridges and bumps poking through. That will be a telltale sign there are older shingles underneath and may devalue the price of your home. Besides, it looks ugly.

If the roof is a single layer it is less of a problematic situation. Single layer roof shingles are what most Atlanta roofing contractors prefer to use. They are easier and cleaner to install. Made of polymers, these shingles are flexible and durable. There are two types, thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermosets use cement or another adhesive, where as thermoplastics can be hot-welded together. You can single layer over another single layer.

The best thing is to thoroughly examine the older roof with an Atlanta roofing contractor.

If the under decking appears sound, you may be able to layer shingle on shingle. But you risk it being more susceptible to water leakage. Water can seep through too many staple or nail holes and pool between the shingles, leading to rot, moss and mold.

Also, you must know if the waterproofing membrane is intact under the old shingles. Can you know for sure if it has been compromised? The shingle is just one of many components to your roof that must be examined. The trained eye of an Atlanta roofing expert knows exactly what to look for.

So much also depends on the area of the country you live in. Extremes in weather can play havoc with a roof’s materials. Unusual variances in temperature, drought conditions or overly stormy seasons can reduce its life expectancy. You have to remember what Mother Nature has done here in Atlanta over the past few years.

An Atlanta roofing expert will tell you, cover ups never really work for long, and often lead to even more costly repairs.

If your budget just won’t stretch to include a brand new roof, go ahead with layering new shingles over the old, knowing full well that it is a temporary fix. However, you may find you have really wasted your money.

Now is the time to start saving up to have a whole new roof installed by an Atlanta roofing contractor.

Have at least three Atlanta roofing contractors give you estimates in writing on the costs for both routes and weigh the odds for yourself so you decide which direction is the best one for you.

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