Atlanta Roofing-Is Replacing My Roof A Do It Yourself Project?

Atlanta Roofing Resources-Can I Do My Own Roofing Repairs or Replacement?

Can you? Many homeowners want to save money by tackling the job of replacing shingles themselves. However, it may not be the most cost effective thing to do. Hiring a professional Atlanta roofing contractor is! Here is why.

Time – your time is valuable. You shouldn’t spend your hard earned vacation time or weekends slaving away on a hot roof instead of going on outings with your family and enjoining precious moments together. What if you slip and fall? How much time off from work will that entail?

Money – If you injure yourself, even if you have insurance, there are deductibles and co-pays. The amount of loss wages from work can add up, even if you just sprain something.

Here is another money issue to consider.

Atlanta roofing contractors get discounts on building supplies not available to the general public.

Expertise – replacing shingles and doing roof repair can be labor intensive. Special tools may have to be purchased and learned to use properly. Knowing the angle and amount of staples and nails is a learning curve. Will you be able to detect problems, such as compromises in the decking? How will you dispose of the broken or damaged shingles? Atlanta roofing contractors are fully prepared to do roofing projects.

For these reasons, and others, the experts advise that you hire a professional Atlanta roofing contractor to do the job. Otherwise, water leaks can occur and cause thousands of dollars in damages. However, if you must do some emergency repairs yourself, here are some tips.

If your roof is composite shingles, you can purchase roofing cement to patch up torn or curled shingles. Just make certain that you stabilize each one with boards or nails until the cement thoroughly dries.

Replacing a composite shingle is not as easy as it sounds. You must gingerly lift the shingle above the damaged or missing one, then trim and place the new one under it, being careful it doesn’t catch on the edges. You might have to remove access nails or staples and patch the holes before you carefully nail the new one in place. Atlanta roofing professionals can save you a lot of headaches when doing these kind of repairs and at a reasonable price.

Now, here in Atlanta , people often have wooden shingles or shakes. If that is the case, a special tool called a shingle ripper must be used. Have a hacksaw handy in case the nails are stubborn and won’t release. Aluminum sheets can be slid underneath the shingle to protect it, but you must be careful it doesn’t show.

When you slip the new shake into place, be sure to leave it protruding about a 1/4 of an inch off the anchoring shingle, and then nail it just below the point where the shingles overlap. Next, taking a block of wood butted against the shingle, drive the last 1/4 inch under the shingle above to bend the nails.

If you have a tiled roof, remember the tiles can be cracked or chipped in the process of replacing them. You must remove all of the broken pieces before gently lifting the tile above it and sliding the replacement into place. Make sure it hooks over what is called the batten. Battens are the material strips also known as a gauge. It is highly recommended you contact an Atlanta roofing contractor for this type roof.

For other types of roofs such as metal, slate, or built-up, you definitely want to consult with an Atlanta roofing contractor.

As you can see, repairing your roof is harder than it looks. You may want to reconsider and call a professional Atlanta roofing contractor instead.

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