Atlanta Roofing-How Much Should It Cost To Replace My Roof?

Atlanta Roofing-How Much Should A Roof Replacement Cost?

Asking how much a new roof is going to cost you is like asking how much a new car will cost. It depends on the type of materials, the size, the brand and the particular Atlanta Roofing Contractor you select.

In general, an Atlanta roofing contractor will charge between $2,000 and $12,000 dollars for a detached single family home.

Obviously, that is a large price span. Several factors affect the cost of a new roof such as:

  • The pitch of the roof.
  • The materials you wish to use.
  • How accessible the roof is.
  • Are there multiple gables and levels?
  • Does the old roof need to be totally replaced?
  • Is it a one or two story house?
  • How many square feet are under roof?

The cost of a new roof includes not only the materials, but the labor involved and the cost of any city permits or inspections that may be needed. The materials themselves can be a major factor in determining the price.

According to most Atlanta roofing contractors, composite and asphalt shingles are most commonly used and are overall the least expensive. Wooden shingles and shakes are pricier and require a special tool. Tile roofs can often just have the chipped or cracked ones replaced.

If, however, there is damage to the sub-roof decking, that will be an extra cost as well. Some people put in reflective insulation under metal roofs to save on heating and cooling bills. That will cost extra as well to install.

You can find many reputable Atlanta roofing contractors that will give you a good estimate.

Be sure each estimate is detailed and that you get at one from at least three different contractors for comparison.

Keep in mind, there may be unforeseen issues that crop up. An Atlanta roofing contractor may give you an estimate for installing new asphalt shingled roof over the old, and then discover that there is underlying damage, or the deck is in poor shape.

Naturally, if the old roof needs to come up and leak repairs need to be made, that will escalate the costs. However, if you do not have it repaired correctly, it will only cause you headaches and other, possibly more expensive, repairs down the road. Plus, placing a new shingled roof over the old may reduce its life expectancy by up to 20%.

Older homes may have roofs that are not up to code or made with materials that are not as readily available. If the older shingles are thicker than those made today and you request the new ones be laid over the old, buckling and bumps may occur. That is not only cosmetically unattractive but can provide less protection as well.

Houses here in Atlanta, especially in neighborhoods where everyone’s were built around the same time, will usually have roofs with the same life expectancy. Check with neighbors to find out what Atlanta roofing contractors they used and how much their new roof cost. That way you can get an idea of what you may end up having to spend on yours.

Most professional Atlanta roofing contractors will gladly give you a free estimate.

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