Atlanta Roofing-How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter?

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Atlanta RoofingAtlanta Roofing-How Do I Get My Roof Ready For Winter?

Atlanta roofing experts will be the first to advise you that getting your roof ready for cold weather is one of the most important steps to take in preparing your home for winter.

Animals prepare for winter. Their fur gets thicker. They store away or bury food and build their nests a bit sturdier. We humans can learn a lesson from our animal friends, especially when it comes to winterizing what protects our hearth and home – the roof.

Winter brings uncertain weather. That it true for us in the Atlanta area.

Here are five things the Atlanta roofing experts advise that you should do to prepare for the winter months.

1. After the fall season is over and the leaves have all dropped, inspect your gutters. Make sure they are free of leaves, small twigs and debris. Leaf guards and gutter covers can help keep snow out as well. Snow is heavier than you think. Many people find their gutters have buckled or torn under the weight of several inches of snowfall.

2. Speaking of gutters, check the fasteners on them as well. Make sure they are all secure and do not need replacing before the bad weather hits.

3. Check the eaves for signs of rot or damage, and make sure the soffit vents are clear and clean. If you have a flat roof with drains, you want to be sure they are all flowing freely and are not blocked by debris.

4. Now, walk the roof if you are comfortable doing that. Check the chimney flashings (the metal waterproofing) and also around skylights, pipes and vents. That is where leaks from snow and rain can seep into your attic.

If you are uncomfortable with this step you may want to contact an Atlanta roofing expert to assist you.

5. If your roof has any caulking or sealant, make sure it is in good condition. Look for signs of flaking, chipping or mildew just as you would around tiles in your kitchen or bath.

If you would prefer, it is worth the money and peace of mind to have an annual roof inspection before the winter months hit. Professional Atlanta roofing contractors know what to look for and can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

When snow does hit, here are five more things Atlanta roofing experts recommend you should do.

1. Try to get the snow accumulation off your roof if it doesn’t melt in a day or so. That added weight, if left alone, can do damage after a while. Even melting ice and snow can damage gutters and vents.

2. Don’t use a snow blower on your roof, especially if your have wooden shakes or any type of shingles.

3. Be very careful if you use a shovel. First, you don’t want to fall. Secondly, you can damage the roofing material underneath.

4 People ask Atlanta roofing experts all the time about heat tapes. Yes, they can work. But here are some cautions. You want to be good quality tape. Also, be careful not to punch holes in your roof when applying it. Finally, heat tapes have been known to start fires, especially if they come in contact with debris. This is really best left to the experts.

5. Never, ever use an ice pick on your roof or gutters.

Preparing your roof for winter is obviously a very important step in preparing your home for winter and seeking the help of an Atlanta roofing expert is probably a good ideal

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