Atlanta Roofing-Do I Need To Repair or Replace My Roof?

Atlanta Roofing Resources Answers-Do I need to repair or replace my roof?

Most homeowners hear the word roof replacement and immediately get a headache. Repairing may be a cheaper and quicker option, and some brave souls attempt the effort themselves. But contacting an Atlanta roofing contractor may be the wisest and most cost effective solution.

You can find some reputable Atlanta roofing contractors to help advise you on what you should do.

However, if it is an emergency and you have a composite shingled roof, some roofing cement applied to the torn or curled up shingles can hold you over – for a while.

If you have wooden shingles or shakes, these require special tools and care. Your local hardware supply store can offer you aluminum to slide under the damaged shingles which will provide you temporary protection. Wooden shingles are best removed with a shingle ripper, but you may have to hacksaw off the nails. That is not the easiest task in the world to accomplish. Unless you are really handy it is probably best to contact an Atlanta roofing contractor to do the repairs.

Be aware if you have an asphalt shingled roof, just placing new ones over older ones may not be the best solution. If the newer ones are thinner, as many are, you may get bumps and ridges that are not only unattractive but may not protect as well. Expert Atlanta roofing contractors advise that even though leaving the old ones underneath is cheaper and less labor intensive, it can reduce the life of your roof by up to 20%.

Signs that your roof should be replaced instead of just repaired are –

  • Numerous shingles are curled, mossy looking or split.
  • The under part, known as the decking is in bad shape. If there is water damage it may be sagging or rotting. You don’t want to put new shingles over that.
  • Putting lighter weight materials over heavier ones shows. It makes your roof look of poorer quality.
  • Your roof has already had a layer put over it. Stacking layer after layer of shingles is never wise and in some areas not allowed by ordinances.
  • If you live in a climate of extreme weather conditions, especially one that can form ice dams, you want to make sure you have ample waterproofing. Too many staples or nail holes may spell trouble.

If there is no way you can afford a whole new roof, by all means do the repairs knowing that is a temporary solution – only. Don’t expect your repaired roof to last a long time. Quick repairs may also devalue the resale value of your house.

How do you know if your roof needs repair or replacement?

NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) say it is smart to have a professional Atlanta roofing contractor inspect your roof with you.

However if you insist on inspecting the roof yourself, look for shingle granules in the gutters. Those granules provide necessary UV protection and if they are flaking off, the shingles need replacing. Check particularly around chimney flashing and vents and pipes that are protruding out of the roof. Make note of any curled, torn, buckled or loose shingles.

And above all, have a sturdy extension ladder to crawl up and down upon. Make sure it extends at least three feet beyond the gutter or roof line and angle it back a foot for every four feet of eve height. Your safety is the most valuable commodity, not your roof.

Most reputable Atlanta roofing contractors will give you an honest assessment of your roofs condition and supply you with various estimates to repair or replace. They know that eventually you will need their service and if they treat you fairly you will use them in the future.

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